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As a community of faith, we at Holy Family Catholic Community welcome all to serve as ministers of music.

In living our parish mission of believing the Spirit is building a family of families centered around the Eucharist, our music ministry extends our mission by allowing us to gather to worship God with our whole selves in mind, body, and spirit, while ministering to the spiritual needs of all who come to pray. Let us celebrate our Lord by joining our voices together, joyfully praising and thanking our God! If you have any questions, please email our music director, Michael Garnett, at

Music Ministries:

Adult Choir   Youth Choir    Children's Choir    Cantors    Instrumentalists
Ages 19+       Grades 7-12       Grades 2-6             HS-Adults        3+ years experience


When am I scheduled to cantor/play piano?
Cantor/Accompanist Schedule, Thanksgiving 2017 through Epiphany 2018

What music are we singing?
Music List for Thanksgiving 2017 through Epiphany 2018

When does the adult choir rehearse/sing at Mass?
Adult Choir schedule through March 20th, 2018

When does the youth choir rehearse/sing at Mass?
Youth Choir schedule through March 21st, 2018

When does the children's choir rehearse/sing at Mass and what events are scheduled?
Children's Choir schedule for Christmas 2017