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Respect Life

During the month of October, all catechists are asked to touch on respecting life at all it's stages, from conception to natural death.  While catechists must be mindful of the age appropriateness of the subject, there should be prayer, discussion, and an activity concerning respecting life during the month of October.  You can even include a prayer for the respect for during each of your class' opening and ending prayer throughout the month (or year).  

As St. Francis has been reminding us, we are to be a Church of love and truth rather than one which focuses judging.  With this in mind we should focus our attention on the gift of life and how we should respect life of the unborn, the young, the old, and everyone in between no matter how rich or poor they are.  The Church, as Pope Francis says, should be more like a hospital to sinners.  Let us use this opportunity to teach and show God’s love, truth, and mercy.

Sample Activities

Pro-Life Novena - Activity Sheet (grades four and up)
This is a novena (a nine day prayer) that involves praying the Rosary.  Here is a link to a guide to praying the scriptural Rosary.
This printable board game would be great for a neighborhood group or families who are home schooling. 
Seamless Garment (grades 6 and up) 

Background Resources for Catechists

Below are resources for your knowledge and background.  The resources cover specific topics that you would, in most cases, not cover in your classes especially with younger children, but they can possible help you better understand how and why we believe what we do.

Holy Famiily has a number of events during this month.  Click here to learn about these activities.