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Pastoral Council Letter to the Parish Community

Dear Parish Leaders and Parishioners,

Mapping Our Journey is not only an opportunity to maintain the vibrancy of Holy Family Catholic Community, but also an opportunity to intensify that vibrancy!

Some may ask, “Why are we developing a Pastoral Plan?”  There are actually two answers to this question.  First, we are talking about changing people’s lives.  Second, we are not only changing the lives of those we serve, but also changing ourselves.  What we do should be an expression of the Gospel in action – if you will “The Gospel with feet!”

What are we being asked to do?  Below you will find the task given to ministries, organizations and groups, as well as the entire parish community by your Pastoral Council.  Notice discerning God’s will over our own is the very heart of our planning effort.  Also, notice the words collaboration, open communication, and partnership.  Each is vital to arriving at a Pastoral Plan founded on reflection and active involvement by many.  Our planning efforts are not intended to be done in isolation.

How can we prevent the finished pastoral plan from being put on a shelf and forgotten?  Our answer is making it a “living document.”  It should be seen as a tool to achieve desired goals while anticipating ever changing needs.  It should be subject to on-going revision and modification.  The action plans, contained in the Pastoral Plan, are intended to be changed and updated often over the next three years.  It is the Pastoral Council’s hope that copies of our plan become worn and crumpled from use.

Your Pastoral Council is committed to supporting you throughout the planning process.  We desire to work in partnership with you, earn your trust, and provide the resources you need.  Please understand it is not the job of the Pastoral Council to tell you what must be done or how to do it.

We look forward to making this critically important journey with you.   May God bless your efforts to answer the call Jesus Christ has given us.

Chuck Harris
Pastoral Council Chairperson, 2014