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Determining Holy Family’s Current and Future Reality

Four questions will assist ministries, organizations, and groups in the process of determining how they are current functioning, as well as how they should be functioning in the future.  Responses to these questions should be the result of prayerful reflection, rich discussion, and consensus agreement.

  • What are the accomplishments of your ministry, organization, or group?  How are those accomplishments celebrated?
  • What influences access to your services and who do you serve (or not serve) whether intentionally or by accident?
  • How well does the current way of thinking and acting of the ministry, organization, or group prepare it to meet future needs of our parish and/or those needing your services?   What current practices (either cultural or organizational) should be amended or even eliminated, to foster growth?
  • What changes would enhance your ability to serve better at this time, as well as three years into the future?  What resources, (training, materials, increased membership, budgeted funds, etc.) are needed to support these changes?