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Areas of Needed Attention and Focus

After defining the current reality of Holy Family Catholic Community, through data analysis process, six major areas of need were identified and defined.  They are areas of needed focus and attention by our ministries, organizations, and groups, as well as the parish community in general.

  • PARTICIPATION IN LITURGY - Increase overall mass attendance with focuses on young adults (21-30) and disengaged Catholics of all ages.
  • FAITH FORMATION – Understand faith formation as lifelong learning beginning with vibrant K-12 and Young Adult religious education programs guided by certified Catechists.  At the same time continue to inspire the formation of adult discipleship through on going opportunities of study and fellowship.
  • MINISTRY AND OUTREACH – Energize ministries and outreach programs by following effective practices of participation and leadership, including on-going self-evaluation based on prayer and formation.
  • STEWARDSHIP - Inspire and encourage the generous giving of time, talent and treasure as the appropriate response of gratitude for our blessings, our act of thankfulness as we “give to others the Gift we have received”.
  • FACILITIES AND MAINTENANCE - Develop and implement an overall maintenance plan appropriate for our aging building and infrastructure that includes the additional growth we expect.
  • BUDGET PLAN - Develop a comprehensive parish financial plan that includes potential needs and available funds based on priorities we experience within the community.