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Pastoral Planning - Mapping Our Journey

The pastoral planning process was begun at the request of Father Rob, our pastor, to understand better God’s call for us in light of the needs of our community, the Church, and the world.  The ultimate goal is to discern collaboratively how God is leading us to meet those needs in light of our gifts and talents.

Mapping Our Journey is not only an opportunity to maintain the vibrancy that has long been a cornerstone of Holy Family Catholic Community, but also an opportunity to intensify that vibrancy!

Why are we doing pastoral planning?   There are actually two answers to this question.  First, we are talking about changing people’s lives.  Second, we are not only changing the lives of those we serve, but also changing ourselves.  What we do should be an expression of the Gospel in action – if you will “The Gospel with feet!”


Why Mission, Vision, and Values?

Mission, vision, and value statements develop a forethought that is a critical component of parish improvement and growth.  They serve as a guiding "frame-work" for action.  They focus the attention of the parish community on what is important, and increases the sense of shared responsibility.  In short, they define what Holy Family should be and what Holy Family needs to become.

Mission, Vision, and Values Defined

  • Our mission statement defines the fundamental purpose of Holy Family and succinctly describes why our parish exists.
  • Our vision statement serves as an outline of what we want to be and how we must operate to fully realize our mission.
  • Our value statements are the beliefs shared among our parishioners that drive our culture and priorities.


At Holy Family we believe the Spirit is building a family of families, centered around Eucharist. We strive to be a place of welcome, to live the gospel in service to all, united with the Universal Church.


As one family, we give praise and thanks to God, and love and service to all.


We belong to a community of faith inspired by the Holy Spirit.
We strive towards a relationship with God that leads to spiritual and personal growth.
We provide for the needs of people and all creation.
We commit ourselves to developing and exercising good stewardship.
We help others experience Christ through us.

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