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Plan Ahead

Catechists make the complex teachings of the Catholic faith accessible to average Catholics. Begin catechist recruitment with ideas from these links.

Thinking of Becoming a Catechist?

Calling Forth Catechists

How Do We Recruit New Catechists? INVITE Them!

Arts and Faith
Explore stories about Catholics who demonstrate the many inspiring and surprising ways art can express and deepen our relationship with God in this series that celebrates creative expressions of faith.

Loyola Press presents Arts and Faith

Vacation Bible School
Turn your hot summer days into cool faith-filled experiences with Catholic Vacation Bible School. Vacation Bible School invites children to participate in fun activities that keep the flame of faith alive all summer long!

Choosing a Vacation Bible School Program

Four Ways to Keep the Faith in VBS

Vacation Bible School Week

My First Experience of Catholic VBS

Picturing God
Share your photos of finding God in all things.

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We Celebrate Pentecost!

The universal Church celebrates Pentecost, the fulfillment of Jesus’ promise of the Holy Spirit, 50 days after Easter. This time of year is also when many parish school programs begin to wind down and the next few months fill up with summer activities. Learn about Pentecost, summer activities, and more with this month’s links.

Jesus promised his apostles that he would send them the Holy Spirit to empower them to be his witnesses to the ends of the earth. Enrich your parish’s experience of Pentecost with the below articles and activities.

From the High of Pentecost to the Reality

Flying Doves Pentecost Activity

Fired Up for Jesus Pentecost Activity

Fruit Break Activity

Finishing the Program Year
Prepare to end your program year well and move into summer mode.

Ending the Year
How do prayer and discernment fit into your summer planning?

Take a Deep Breath
Kathy Henry says we deserve to give ourselves a rest and allow the Spirit to renew us.

Joe Paprocki Blog Tour
Join master catechist Joe Paprocki on his Under the Influence of Jesus blog tour as he discusses and explores the powerful, life-changing message of Jesus and how it applies to our modern lives as followers of Christ.

6/2/14 - Karen Beattie

6/3/14 - Ignitum Today with Julie Baldwin

6/4/14 - Marc Cardaronella

6/5/14 - Jonathan F. Sullivan

6/6/14 - Liturgy & Catechesis Shall Kiss with Joyce Donahue

6/8/14 - Catechist’s Journey with Joe Paprocki