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Church Cleaning

The cleanliness of our church facility is maintained by our parishioners, saving us thousands of dollars each year.  Members work in teams to do light cleaning of the interior of the facility on a weekly basis.  Teams of 5 people are scheduled every 4 weeks on Monday mornings. Those who are not available on Monday mornings but are interested in this ministry can make arrangements that work best with their personal schedules. Responsibilities include vacuuming the oriental rugs, vacuuming the sanctuary, vacuuming the carpeted area in the Narthex and cloister walk, dusting, and cleaning mirrors and doors.  Annual fall cleaning is done on a sign-up basis. 

View the video below to see how cleaning can be a family affair!


 We are currently in need of people to vacuum (one using a backpack), dust, and clean our glass doors once a month.
 Please Contact us for more information or to join this ministry.