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Catechist K-6

What is a Catechist?

The original meaning of the word Catechist is “teacher”, or one who “echoes” God’s word. But a catechist is more than just a teacher who has factual knowledge of the Catholic tradition and teachings. A catechist is a “minister” of the church, one who is commissioned by the community to help pass on the faith to the children of the parish. A catechist is also a “proclaimer” of the Good News of Christ, which assumes that he/she truly believes in Christ and therefore teaches with joy and enthusiasm. A catechist is a “mentor”, showing the children by his/her own example of how to live as a Christian, both in celebrating the sacraments, and in how to live as a Christian in the midst of often conflicting societal values.

– Based on a piece by Carl J. Pfeifer, The Catechist’s Connection, October, 1995


Our catechists do not replace parents in the role as "primary catechist" of children, but they are to help support parents in their role and to help our youth explore the Roman Catholic faith and grow in their relationship with Christ and His Church.  Catechists lead a class of six to twelve children as they explore topics of the faith, prayer, and examples of how to live as disciples of Christ in everyday life.


  • Mondays (6:30 to 7:45 pm) - Kindergarten through grade 6 @ Holy Family and Brunswick Elementary School
  • Tuesdays (4:30 to 5:45 pm) - Kindergarten through grade 6 @ Holy Family


  • Plan and attend weekly session using texts provided by the parish and appropriate additional resources September through May (finding an approved substitute when necessary)
  • Attend catechist meetings throughout the year as you are able
  • Attend and participate in Mass on a weekly basis

How to become a catechist

Training and one on one support is available for all new catechists.  Contact Ed Haynes in the parish office to learn more and/or to see how you can serve as a catechist for the upcoming year.