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The syllabus is a plan for when, where, and who will be teaching all the lessons throughout the year.  Neighborhood Groups are required to submit a syllabus at the beginning of each year.  The point of this is for the Faith Formation Office to know there is a plan and those participating in these programs to have a plan and goals to work from.  As a follow up to the syllabus, each groupis to fill out an evaluation form twice a year (December and May). 

What's included in a syllabus?

The Centralized Program's syllabus should be used as a guide as to what chapters from both Finding God and Family Life texts should be covered (find below) for Elementary School.  The Faith Formation Office also provides a guide for middle school. Both can be found on the right hand column.  The syllabus should outline a minimum of 30 hours of religious instruction (archdiocesan requirement). 

Syllabuses are to include the following:

  • session dates and time
  • chapters being covered from Finding God and from Family Life
  • the person who is leading the session
  • the location of the session

Middle School:

Middle school syllabuses are to include plans (titles and approximate dates) for two service projects.  More details can be submitted later, but the group should at least have an idea what they will be doing as they start the year off.  They should also include the First Friday and family events dates. 

Note: if your group will be doing a service project outside of your normal meeting locations or the parish campus, you will likely need a permission form.  A copy of this form can be made available through the Faith Formation Office.  Please make requests in writing at least two weeks in advance.


Elementary school syllabuses are to include family events

In what format should my syllabus be created?

The syllabus can be created in any format recognized by the most current version of Microsoft Office or a current PDF reader.  The style can be whatever you'd like, but it must be readable by the Faith Formation Office.  See the side bare on the right for sample forms.  Also, feel free to contact the Faith Formation Office for help.


You can find a copy of the evaluation form by program on the Forms page