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Information on the Pastorate of Holy Family, St. Mary, & St. Francis

 As a community and as a pastorate, we need to see how God is calling us to move forward.  This call comes to us through our Holy Father who has challenged us to move out beyond our comfort zone.  This call comes to us through our Archbishop who has paired our community of Holy Family Catholic Community with that of Saint Francis and Saint Mary.  This call also comes from within us as we work towards our mission to "go, make disciples".  The presentation below provides an explanation of the process, the plan, and some frequently asked questions.  If you were unable to attend the Town Hall Meeting, you are encouraged to view the slide presentation below to come to a better understanding of the direction of our parish community and the opportunities and challenges that are presented.
Please contact Fr. Rob with any questions or concerns.

Town Hall Presentation - June 14, 2017  
Letter from Fr. Rob
Presentation with Fr. Rob's notes and comments
Questions and Answers from Town Hall meeting and survey 


Town Hall Presentation - Nov 30, 2016


"What do we need to do to marshal all of our resources, our precious priests, our ecclesial lay ministers, our volunteers, our buildings, our finances....?  The biggest reason for us to embark on parish planning is 1958...75% of Catholics went to Mass on Sunday, 25% stayed away; now it is the flip opposite...

  • In January 2015, Archbishop Lori issued a vision statement Be Missionary Disciples that would guide the pastoral planning process in the Archdiocese of Baltimore to enhance, not simply maintain the missionary presence in the Archdiocese.  Our schools and parishes “must undergo a missionary transformation so that everything they do is ‘channeled for the evangelization of today’s world rather than for [their] self-preservation.” (EG27)  (The term Missionary Disciple was first introduced by Pope Francis in his exhortation, The Joy of the Gospel.)
  • Over the next 9 months, regional meetings were held throughout the Archdiocese to discuss the planning process and prepare tools for each parish in the diocese to review their mission focus and activity.
  • In September 2015, Archbishop Lori presented a pastoral letter on evangelization-based parish planning.  The letter, A Light Brightly Visible, challenged us to stretch ourselves to go deeper in our relationship with Christ, to embrace the mission of the Church more fully, and to live out this mission in our daily lives.   Parishioners were encouraged to participate in a survey that would provide a glimpse in to each parish.
  • In the spring of 2016, survey results were provided to each parish for their reflection and to use as a guide for preparing a Parish Mission-Readiness statement.
  • The first draft of a model for “pastorates” was unveiled in the spring of 2016.  "Pastorates" is the grouping of parishes based on similar populations for evangelization, existing collaborative relationships, or natural paths of travel in an area for the for the purpose of bringing parishes ....
    "from maintenance to mission".

   Each parish is being asked to provide feedback on the Archdiocesan Pastoral Plan.

We strongly encourage everyone to review the Mission Readiness Statements for both Holy Famiy and St. Francis/St. Mary's that were submitted to the Archdiocese.
 Contact Fr. Rob with any comments or questions that you may have.

Mission Readiness Statement - Holy Family
Mission Readiness Statement - St. Francis/St. Mary's


Survey Results - Central Region
Survey Results - St. Francis, St. Mary's, Holy Family
Survey Results - St. Francis, St. Mary's
Survey Results - Holy Family
Cluster Data Executive Summary 
Parish Data Executive Summary - St. Francis, St. Mary's
Parish Data Executive Summary - Holy Family
Survey Text Results - St. Francis, St. Mary's
Survey Text Results - Holy Family