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Haiti Collection - help make a difference!

We are continuing to collect money this Lent for our feeding program.  Families are invited to use their cans from last year or obtain one in the Narthex or parish office to collect money throughout the season.  Once the can is full of change, families are invited to bring them to the church to dump into the cauldron found in the Narthex.

  • Fifty cents will feed one child one hot meal at school – even our youngest members of Holy Family can help.  You can’t buy a Coke or a coffee for this little sum.
  • For $120, YOU can feed one school child every school day in St. Martha’s for one year – that is only dinner and drinks for 2 at Main Cup or 4 tickets to an IMAX movie at Westview with some popcorn (maybe).
  • For $250, YOU can feed all 520 of St. Martha’s school children one hot meal.  For about what most American families spend in the grocery for one week, you can support 520 hot meals!