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Gift Card Fundraiser Begins Oct 13-14

Order Form

It’s time for all the early birds to start planning for the holidays, both Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Outfit your holiday table with help from our gift cards.  We’ve got the meal covered with Safeway, Weis, and Giant Eagle cards.  What about new linens or decorations?  The order form includes stores like Home Goods and Jo-Ann’s.  Christmas shopping can be easier with gift cards.  The card itself can be the gift.  Or use the cards yourself to purchase gifts at popular vendors like Macy’s, Bath & Body Works and Cabela’s.  The enclosed order form lists over 90 national vendors and identifies the vendor’s rebate percentage donated back to the Pastorate.
The deadline to order is November 4th.  Gift cards will be available for pick up starting on November 18th before the Thanksgiving holiday.  Please remember that the Pastorate receives a rebate from each purchased card!