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Catholics Welcome Home

Holy Family Catholic Community is our spiritual home.   It is a place where we come together to pray, learn and grow.  More than that though, it is a place where we meet Jesus Christ.  We encounter the love Christ has for us in our coming together as His Body: in our worship and in our service.  Centered on the Eucharist, it is so much more than the weekly celebration of Mass.  We seek to be a “family of families” as our mission statement says.  We seek to be present to and for one another, to bring the love of Christ to each other. 

There are so many facets to our community, each seeking to serve a different need of the Body of Christ.  Grounded by our celebration of the Eucharist, our many ministries serve those in need, whether those needs are physical, emotional or spiritual.  Our ministries provide hospitality, keep the church in good repair, prepare for liturgy and decorate our worship space, teach our children about Jesus, and form all people in faith and the values of the Church.  Every member’s participation is needed and welcomed.

We encourage and welcome you to be an active part of our spiritual home.   If you have any problems or questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Father Rob Jaskot, Pastor or Deacon George Sisson in the parish office.