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Adults (age 18 and over) who have not been confirmed and are interested in celebrating the sacrament are invited to prepare to receive this sacrament.  Persons seeking adult confirmation should have been baptized and receive First Eucharist in the Catholic Church.  Persons baptized in another faith or where baptized in the Catholic Church, but did not prepare for the Sacrament of Eucharist, should refer to the RCIA process

The regional Catholic Churches often share the responsibility of preparing adults in a six session series.  The preparation includes self evaluation, group sharing, and homework.  There are two times a year that the Archdiocese of Baltimore confirms adults, one being around spring (Pentecost) and the other in the fall.  Thus we have two opportunities each year to prepare for the sacrament.  Contact George Sisson in the parish office (301-473-4800) for more information.